Wholesale & Dropshipping


Thank you for your interest in our products. You can find many brands that are not on our website. Here are the manufacturers of the products we have available and we can give you wholesale prices: GASSE, ALPHA PHARMA, AVIVA, SYSTEMBIOLOGIE ABDI IBRAHIM, ANPHARM HELLAS, ASTRA ZENECA, GM PHARMATEUCALS, JELFA, SCHERING-PLOUGH, SOPHARMA, BALKAN PHARMACEUTICALS, BAYER, BIOTECH-Labors, DESMA, GALENIKA, GENERAL EUROPEAN PHARMACEUTICALS, HYGETROPIN, NASPHARMA, NORDITROPIN, NORMA, ORGANON, PFIZER, PHARM-TEC and VERMODJE.

Wholesale prices are also applied for orders of over 1800 €. If you are interested in buying our products with discount, please contact us


Dropshipping means you can sell your products through a so-called Dropship supplier, without having to physically receive and store products. You can propose and sell our products to your customers. If someone buys one or more of these products through your website or other sales channel that you own, you can purchase products directly from us and we will send them to your customer for you. So it is safer for you and the customer, as well as provide a considerable saving of time and money for shipping.