Human Growth Hormone

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Growth hormone, also called HGH, is a peptide hormone that is important for recovery, growth and reproduction of cells in the body. HGH is used mostly in medicine. But more and more growth hormone in sports when the muscle is needed. Man must be clear that the growth hormones have no magical effect. If you use HGH in your spa, as some people say, you win not 50% of new muscles, but approximately 15% - this is also a good and visible results.

We can offer you the most popular growth hormone and namely GENOTROPIN. We guarantee the high quality of this product, because he is like everything else in this category, bought directly from the pharmacy.

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Genotropin HGH (human Growth Hormone) - 36 IU (12 mg) Products from Pharmacy

Genotropin HGH (human Growth Hormone) - 36 IU (12 mg)

Genotropin HGH (human Growth Hormone) - 36 IU (12 mg) is used for human growth hormone replacement t..


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