It is essential to check before purchasing anabolic steroids. Need to know how often you take the medication, when to stop taking the drugs, which are suitable for you and how they are to be injected (in the case of injectable anabolic steroids).

For this reason we advise you to inform you in detail about our products: you can do it on Wikipiedia and other sources, where there are numerous information about anabolic steroids and their use. You can also read our diet and product information, if you are not sure what to buy to increase your muscle mass or strength. Since there is an exact table in which it is explained how to take steroids. We recommend you to be very careful in the case of injections and let you show by someone at least the first two – three times.

How to get discounts on bulk orders?

We offer free shipping for orders over 400 euros. Also, for larger orders (1000 or more), we offer a discount on the final purchase price. Therefore, it is a good idea to do combined shipping with other training mates take advantage of the discount by joining in a single orders. Maybe you can receive both free delivery that good discounts on the total.

How can I know the wholesale price?

For wholesale prices please send us an email at: natalanicci [at] gmail.com and we will discuss the offer.

I received an email from your store. What's going on?

Our email is probably over in the spam box. Check in spam messages.

Can I get the tracking number for my order?

Yes, you will get a tracking number will be sent each time the parcel. You will receive via email, so check your Inbox.

I made my order for almost 4 weeks and I still haven't received the products. What am I to do?

Very often the delay is due to the procedures for sorting mail and package tracking data delivery. Then, please check in your post office. You will be provided, for each shipment, a tracking number with which you can check the shipping status search for the package.

What happens if some products arrive damaged?

It can happen sometimes. We can only guarantee that good packaging is our priority. It's probably because of insensitive treatment of postal workers.

Because the goods have not yet been sent?

This is because the Bank may take a few days. Depends on the Bank, but sometimes you need 2-3 days because the payment is completed and transferred to our account. We will send the package as soon as payment is received by us

What happens if my order was lost?

Our estimates every customer and we are doing everything we can so that our customers are satisfied with Survise. After you shipped the goods, we will send each customer a email with the tracking number and a photo of the package sending documents to ensure that the shipment was made. But sometimes-about 1-2%-so that our mail parcel is lost.

The site has no responsibility after receiving the goods. Sometimes the mail not working diligently and it may be that the package was slightly damaged, but this does not affect the contents.

If your order is lost, we can give you 10% discount on the next shipment. To get the discount we will need a copy of the official document attesting to the postal service loss of your shipment.